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Video Downloads – More Information

Video Downloads – We are pleased to be introducing a new service with videos that you can download and play on your computer or compatible device – (Such as an iPod).

We are offering “Making Candles” and “Complete Batik”, and will be adding more video tutorials to our site over time.

Video Downloads

What does downloading the videos involve? When you buy any of our video download titles, proceed with the cart in the usual way. On completion you will be directed to a page with download links from which you can choose between sizes and formats according to your setup. If payment requires verification we will email the links to you upon receipt of payment.

Note that some of these files are LARGE depending on format and size and require fast BROADBAND access to download quickly and without issue.

What Video formats do I need? We are providing videos in the following sizes and formats:
Large Screen 640×480 pixels in Windows Media Video.

WMV format

This will play by default on a PC using the already installed Windows Media Player. This file is not compatible with or recommended for Apple Mac.
Large Screen 640×480 pixels in Quicktime format.

Quicktime Player

This will play by default with Apple’s Quicktime, and should work* on PC or Mac with the free Quicktime Player. Quicktime may already be installed on your PC but if not it can be got HERE.

Small Screen 320×240 pixels in Quicktime format.
This is a smaller sized version that may be preferable if you want a quicker download or if you only want to use it on your iPod or similar device. If after downloading, you change the file suffix to “.m4v”, it will automatically open in Apple iTunes. However as “.mp4” or “mov” it defaults to opening in Quicktime Player or whatever software your system is defaulted to open mp4.. NOTE: If you play your iPod via TV then get the large screen Quicktime version unless filesize is too much of an issue for your preference or internet connection.

You dont have to use the default viewers. There are alternative free software video players available that can also view MP4. VLC is very most popular and has versions that run on almost all computer platforms and is freely available HERE.

If you want to test a short clip to see which format suits your need see our Video Test Page. The Quicktime format is significantly smaller to download, (If this works for you the download will be quicker to access).

How long will it take to download the video? Download times will depend on the speed or bandwidth of your connection to the internet as well as the demand on the Internet at that time – in particular your ISP’s servers and this site’s server. For a fast connection it is a matter of just a few minutes to perhaps 20 minutes – depending which size is selected. If your connection is slower it will take longer but you can let it download and be doing other things. If you do not have fast Broadband you may find downloading is problematic.

The Download links page is temporary and will expire after 60 hours.

Note that some of these files are LARGE depending on format and size and require fast BROADBAND access to download quickly and without issue.

If problems are encountered just contact us with as clear a description as you can provide so we can resolve it. If you have problems it may be better to try at a time when the internet is less busy.

* (Subject to being of a specification that is equipped to deal with large sized