Silk Painting and Batik


The art of using wax resist and dyes to create stunning designs and pictures on cloth. We have everything you need to get started, either in a Kit or choose from our range of equipment, waxes and dyes.

You can now buy the full video of ‘Batik’ as a Video Download

Tye Dye

The dyes are also ideal for tye dyeing – where knotting and tyeing fabric inhibits the dyeing and creates unique patterns.

Silk Painting

An amazing art using the world’s finest fabrics, Silk, with the combination of vivid colour and subtle shade. Make your own silk scarf or tie! We stock painting media for steam fixing and iron on or chemical fixing – as well as all the tools and accesories required.

Textile Painting

A range of media for painting, spraying, block and screen printing, stencilling, dyeing onto various fabrics, curtains, cushions and covers, lamp shades, screens and T-shirts.

Our Book and Video section carries titles that will introduce and guide you in all of our featured crafts.