Spring Chick Candle Tutorial

Spring Chick Candle Tutorial

Step 1

We think the star of our show is the Easter Chick, made using one of the egg shapes which are about 2.5 inches high. It uses yellow wax for the feather, orange for the beak and feet. We use a metal petal cutter for the feathers, but it’s a fairly simple shape to cut freehand or you can make a card template to cut round.

The wax will probably stay in a small metal cutter when you lift it off the backing paper. Slide a scalpel down the inside of the cutter and, using the blade on itís side, push enough wax through to get hold of and pull out.

Step 2

When you’ve cut out lots of feathers, start at the bottom of the egg, pressing them on with the lower edges hanging just below the base. These ends can be curled back level with the base or trimmed off. If put on higher, white candle shows between the gaps. Each feather should just touch the one next to it.

The second row overlaps the first by about half, with the feathers spaced in between the first one.

Step 3

From now on, try to hold the egg between thumb and index finger, top and bottom, as we don’t want the feathers squashed flat onto the body.

When three rows are complete, it’s time to add the wings on either side of the chick. These are two rows of three feathers pressed on at an angle.

Step 4

One row from the top, put the beak on. This is a piece of orange wax cut in an oval shape with the end slightly pointed. With the points facing top to bottom, press the wax onto the chick along the middle of the oval shape. Fold the top down over the bottom to form a beak shape.

At this stage, draw two eyes on small pieces of paper. Roll a tiny ball of yellow wax, press onto the back of the paper eyes then fix either side of the beak.

The final row should overlap so that no white wax shows.

Finally, cut two small circles in orange and take two small V shapes out to make feet. Press them onto the base of the egg.

This completes the Spring Chick Candle Tutorial, we hope you enjoyed the guide!