Christmas Applique Candle Tutorial

Get creative with plain candles with this Christmas Applique Candle Tutorial.

Simply cut out shapes from self adhesive sheets of our applique wax and decorate to create a unique gift. You can either copy our idea below or design your own motifs – its great fun to do!

For this project you will need:

• A plain candle – we’ve used a red pillar.
• Tracing paper – (optional)
• A 10x20cm sheet of antique gold applique wax.
• One sheet of round gold applique wax.
• A pair of sharp scissors/scapel or use our applique cutters.

Preparation: You may wish to use tracing paper to work out your design in advance. Cut a sheet to the size of the candle and wrap it round. You can then work out you design and see how it will look.

Step 1

With the ivy leaf cutter, cut out the number of leaves required from your antique gold sheet. (Careful spacing minimises wastage). Take care to peel out carefully from the cutter.

Step 2

Use the strips of round gold strip for the stems and press carefully into place on the candle.

Step 3

Now place the ivy leaves into place at the end of each stem.

The finished Candles!