Beeswax Sheet Tutorial

Beeswax Sheet Tutorial – Step 1

For this Beeswax Sheet Tutorial project you will need:

• One green beeswax sheet (30×20 cm approx.)
• One red beeswax sheet (30×20 cm approx.)
• 36 cm of 1.5inch (38mm wick).
• Craft knife.
• Metal ruler or straight edge.

Read right through these instructions and the accompanying pictures.
You will need to work as quickly as possible in order to get the best results.

Step 1:

Cut each beeswax sheet across the diagonal.

Put one triangle of each colour to one side.
Gently warm the two remaining triangles with a hairdryer until they are pliable but not soft (or put in airing cupboard for 15 mins).

Step 2

Place the green triangle on a table with the longer right-angled side nearest you.

Pinch a thumbnail of wax from the right-angled corner and squeeze it into one end of the wick – this is now the top end of the wick and will prime the wick with wax to ensure that the candle flame will draw wax and burn well on first lighting.

Place the red triangle on top of the green one, so that the shortest sides are aligned, but with a 2cm offset along the side nearest you.

Place the wick along the edge of the green triangle making sure that the top of the wick is at the pointed end. Carefully roll the edge of the green sheet over the red sheet, and continue rolling evenly to complete the candle.

Step 3

If necessary, use the craft knife to give your candle a flat base.

You can use the two remaining triangles of beeswax sheet to make another exactly similar candle, or you can reverse the colours for a nicely contrasting pair of Christmas candles.