Candle Holders For Hire

We have a wide range of candle holders available for hire. Ranging from small 5 armed holders to tall trees and candelabrums. Check them out here. Please contact the workshop on 01495 222322.

5 Armed Cross Candle Holder (H: 42cm, W: 37cm)


5 Armed Scroll Candle Holder (H: 57cm, W: 50cm)


Genie Lamp Candle Holder (H: 50cm, W: 20cm)


Original Kevin Boyce Wrought Iron Double Cone Candle Holder (H: 85cm, W: 22cm)


Tree Candle Holders (Large H: 156cm, W: 44cm) (Small H: 100cm, W: 33cm)


Stunning 3 Tier Candelabrum. Holds 3, 6 and 9 Candles (H: 200cm, W: 86cm)


Tall 3 Sem Circle, 7 Branch Candelabrum (H: 129cm, W: 69cm)


Large Single 2 Inch Cone Candle Holder (H: 102cm, W: 7cm)


Tall Single 4 Inch Candle Holder (H: 94cm, W: 23cm)


Tall Single Cone Candle Holder (H: 94cm, W: 10cm)


Tall Spiral 3 Armed Wrought Iron Candle Holder (H: 123cm, W: 56cm)