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Candle Moulds Section

Candle Making Supplies - Introduction

    We have a wide range of used - but perfectly useable - candlemaking equipment. Ideal for schools and groups. Contact us for more details.

This section relates to everything to do with candle making, EXCEPT for Candle MOULDS which have their own section.

For an introduction - or as a gift - try one of our various Candle Kits. Or kit yourself out with some Waxes, a few hanks of Wick, try out some of our NEW Liquid Dyes and make some Swirly Chunk Candles

By way of Equipment - maybe a Double Boiler, pouring Jug and Thermometer?

Plus a few Sundry items, some Mould Seal - and that Applique Wax has some ideal applications! An Xmas Applique Tutorial.
See all of our Tutorials


Browse the Bookshelf or Videos for a bit of guidance and inspiration.

You can now buy Making Candles as a Video Download

Happy Candle Making!





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